Hunting in Kaikoura, New Zealand

Do you enjoy the thrill of the chase - the excitement of stalking big game animals?

New Zealand is renowned as a trophy hunter´s paradise where some of the best prize trophies in the world can be taken:

The majestic Southern Alps of New Zealand hold some of the world's finest big game animals for deer hunting , bow hunting and New Zealand trophy hunting.

New Zealand Trophy Hunt Season

The New Zealand trophy hunting season is from March to the end of August. An exciting time to trophy hunt Red Stag, Wapiti (Elk) and Fallow Deer is during the roar, which is from March through to mid-April but can be harvested all season long, Tahr and Chamois are at their prime from late April until August, but can also can be hunted all year round.

Red Stag Deer Hunting

No matter what class of trophy you may wish to take, hunting Red Stag in New Zealand is a very exciting and exacting hunt. Imagine sitting above a bush-clad gully stalking your prey with bow or rifle. Spey Creek Trophy Hunting offer bow hunting of New Zealand red stag.

Aggressive and confrontational, the red stag will challenge your skills and experience and complete the hunt that could reward you with an award-winning trophy.

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The Spey Creek Trophy Hunting difference

Spey Creek Trophy Hunting Lodge offer clients personalised hunting trips and big game trophy hunting. Guided hunts for Himalayan Tahr, Chamois, Red Stag, Wapiti (Elk), Fallow Deer, Wild Goat, Boar, Arapawa Ram and Small game and bird shooting.

Spey Creek Trophy Hunting Lodge provide first class accommodation, meals and premier hospitality. Families and groups are most welcome with us - we cater for all needs. Let our team of experienced guides show you the experience of a lifetime.

SCI Ratings

Small Game (Rabbits, Hares, Possums, Waterfowl, Turkey and various game birds) are very popular game in New Zealand and can be hunted all year round. Shotguns and small calibre rifles are used for this hunt. All of these exciting optional hunts are fully guided and can be fitted into your big game hunt at an opportune time.

The largest stags in the world harvested by a rifle, bow and crossbow have been acquired at the Spey Creek Hunting Ranch over the last few years. There are also several Spey Creek hunters who are currently ranked in the top ten for these three weapon categories, in addition to the muzzle loader division.

If you are looking to add a large red stag to your trophy collection, Spey Creek is the place to hunt!

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