Client Testimonials

“I want to take this opportunity to humbly express my sincere gratitude for allowing me to have the privilege of a lifetime to hunt at your incredible ranch, Spey Creek. The “World Record” is more than I could have ever imagined growing up as a child in northern Canada!!!!!

I guess good things come to those who wait......and just think it only took 5 years for me to travel to New Zealand after purchasing the hunt at the SCI Expo in The Woodlands, Texas in 2014. Thank you for being so patient with me.

I guess meeting both of you and the incredible adventure was all meant to be. I sure do miss all of you as well as the ranch. To me it’s the most beautiful place I have travelled to and given that I have been in over 50 countries nothing more needs to be said!”

- Myles
"Thankyou for your excellent hospitality and generosity. We enjoyed our stay. Hunting great, views excellent and the food *****! You're very lucky to live here."
- Lee and Donetta, Wyoming
"Never have I experienced a greater bunch of accommodating, experienced, humorous and gourmet oriented friends!."
- Kevin, Salt Lake City, Utah
"We had just a super time! The hunting was awesome, the ranch is absolutely beautiful and your hospitality was bar none! We were all so very impressed about our whole experience. Thank you so much."
- Doug and Sharon, B.C Canada
"Words can't describe the fabulous food that you served at every meal. The Lodge is breath taking and all your hospitality was fantastic! From our family to your family, thank you for a memorable trip to NZ!! Wyatt - your sense of humour has truly made our hunt a memorable one"
Ivan - Texas
"Prior to arrival, I had high expectations of this hunt at Spey Creek. It was the most positive experience in the past 20 years"
Jim - California
"What a wonderful experience, we have enjoyed every minute. You are like family. Thanks for letting us into your home. The animals are all spectacular. The food is the very best and the lodge is 5 star"
Bill and Muriel - California
"Good times and great people! And I thought we could only have this much fun in Texas! Our expectations we definitely exceeded. You all have a beautiful place, in a beautiful country with incredible game."
Brandon and Stephanie - Texas
"Thanks for the amazing trip. It was beyond what we expected. Amazing food and scenery! Everything has been first class, and we appreciate the hospitality. I'm glad the women got to join us and ya'll helped them so much"
Josh and Natalie - Texas
"Great food! Great hunting! Great company. Better than a diamond!""
Danny and Mary - California
"I will cherish and relive this experience forever!"
Bryan - Kansas
"All aspects of our stay on this beautiful ranch will be with us forever - the animal numbers and variety, the attention to all our needs, the food - fantastic! Never had guides working so hard to accomplish our desire. All this beyond our expectations!"
Bruce and Marie - Texas
The whole experience was PERFECT! - Genuine, friendly and fun loving - the people of Spey Creek make all the difference."
Sherry and Richard - Texas
"This has been the most fun, excitement, relaxing and memorable trip EVER! Five star without a doubt. Spey Creek is the BEST!!"
Jim and Cora - Texas
"What a wonderful time we had!! All the hunts were great, the food fabulous and the hospitality the best! Ya'll have been so much fun to be with."
Brittny - Texas
"What a blast we had with ya'll!"
"First class hunting operation
Attention to every detail
Best guides EVER
Ultra comfortable Lodge
Loved the game
Outstanding Trophy Stag
Unequalled meals and hospitality
Seriously GOOD PEOPLE!"
Carrie and Jerry - Texas
"An absolutely incredible hunt! Everything has exceeded anything I could ever dreamed of. Thank you Spey Creek gang"
Jeremy - Pennsylvania
"You guys made us feel like family which made this one of the most remembered trips I have ever made. Thanks for everything!"
Rick and Sherry - California
"Each and everyone of you made our trip INCREDIBLE! Your wonderful hospitality went above and beyond our wildest dreams. I have never felt more relaxed on a vacation and have never been as pampered as I have here at your lodge. You truly run a high class operation"
Mitch and Mary
"WOW! WOW!! WOW!!! I had a blast! Thank you so much for making it my most favourite hunt EVER!"
Katy - Mississippi
"Our guides took care of our every need. Everyone at Spey Creek worked as a team to make sure we had a wonderful time!"
Jamie and Justin - California
"What a wonderful experience - hunting was amazing! And such spectacular settings. A great time. Thank you all at Spey Creek"
Eric, Lucy and Will - Texas
"This has been the most amazing experience. We have so enjoyed the game, the scenery, the hospitality and of course Neroli's cooking! You have helped us create memories for years to come"
Mark and Mary - Wyoming
"Wow! What and incredible experience. Everything here is stellar! The land, the animals, the hunting, the accommodation but mainly the wonderful service all of you provide. We have had the best time ever! Thank you."
Debi and Russ
"Thank you guys so much! You all are fantasic! You truly made my first (and not my last) trip to New Zealand AMAZING. Everything here at Spey Creek is Top-of-the-Line"
Madie - Colorado
"You have a first class operation. This is the place to come for Big!! Stags."
W.D Martin - Utah
"This was a great trip, great time with great people. Thanks for the trophies and memories. Getting to see my granddaughter Nicole start hunting and enjoy it was terrific."
Pete - Wyoming
"I thank you so much for this experience. I have hunted all over the world and have to say this has been my best hunt yet"
Freddy - California
"You have one great hunting operation that Christine and I will always remember. The mountains, the animals, the AWESOME food and especially great people!"
Chris and Christine - Utah
"This was the best! I will be surely letting my friends know what an awesome ranch and how all you folks bust you butt to help us complete our trip"
- Carl
"The place and people of Spey Creek is a joy that most people do not get to experience. We are glad that you guys let us enjoy it with you. I know the two world records will be special to us as long as we live"
- Jack and McKenzie
"We knew it was going to be fun, never expected this UNBELIEVABLE!! We came hunters and left with many new and wonderful friends. Something we will never forget and we hope to be back soon"
Kevin and Kim - California
"What you all provided to my daughter and I, is absolutely priceless! Your generosity and dedication to us during our stay here will be in our hearts and minds for the rest of our lives. We really frly welcome and the laughs were non-stop"
Rebecca and Mike (Hunt of a lifetime recipient) - Michigan
"I had a truly incredible time at Spey Creek! Your kindness, hospitality and last but not least, your great hunting have given me the outdoor experience of a lifetime"
Karen - NRA Magazine
"Thanks all. This is one of the best hunts to be found in the world. From the outstanding cooking to the great guides and animals. I hope to come back soon."
Phil - "The Bow hunter Phil Unleashed Colorado
"Thank you all so much for such a great hunt! It's one we will never forget!!!! From start to finish its been exciting. This is the most beautiful lodge we've ever stayed at and the hospitality more than anyone can expect."
Tony and Sheila - Wisconsin
"WOW! What a great place you have here. GREAT! Food and hospitality. You all were soooo friendly and warm. We felt like family. Everything was perfect."
- Ed and Christel
"Thank you for making our trip to New Zealand such a wonderful, memorable experience. We have been wanting to do this for such a long time and it has exceeded all our expectations!! You all work together so well to make this a first class operation."
Mike and Jan - Texas
"Got to have the most beautiful camp and land ever. Every time we look at the white stag on the wall we will think how awesome of time we had and how gorgeous this place is"
Ronnie - Texas
"Awesome. Each animal was a terrific specimen and I will think of you all and enjoy them in my home. The food and the lodge were excellent and your hospitality made Karen and I feel at home"
Jim and Karen - Texas
"We have had an awesome time with you! Thank you so much! We have enjoyed good times in your home and on the ranch"
Bob and Karen - California
Words can't describe what this hunt/adventure means to me. Wonderful new friends and great hunters. "The experience of a lifetime". I look forward to sharing a hunt again and hope you'll find time to visit Maine and share some Lobsters!"
Bill 'LL Bean' - Maine
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