Kaikoura Attractions, Activities and Adventures

Kaikoura Whale Watching

Website: http://www.whalewatch.co.nz/

Kaikoura is one of the best places in the world for watching whales, due to their close proximity to the shore and the fact that they can be seen all year round. Whale watching can be done by boat, helicopter or plane.

Dolphin Swimming in Kaikoura

Website: http://www.dolphin.co.nz/kaikoura

Dolphin swimming trips allow you to see and interact with the playful wild Dusky Dolphins. These dolphins will amaze you as you observe them in the natural state of their own environment around the Kaikoura peninsula.

Fishing in Kaikoura

Kaikoura offers a host of Fishing Charters. Most of the skippers have lived in Kaikoura for most of their lives and would love to share years of fishing knowledge with you. You will enjoy excellent deep sea fishing where blue cod, sea perch, grouper and many other species are caught.

Kaikoura Lookout

A trip to the famous Kaikoura Lookout at the top of the peninsula is a must for any visitor. From the lookout, visitors to the area have expansive views of the Kaikoura ranges flowing down into the sea.

Seal Colony

The Kaikoura seal colony is a favourite of all tourists that come to Kaikoura and is only a short drive from the main town centre. Take your camera as there are many opportunities to take pictures as the seals bask and relax on the rocks.

Lavender Farm

Website: http://www.lavenderfarm.co.nz/

Visit Lavendyl to experience our extensive Lavender and flower gardens. During the months of January through to the beginning of February, when the flowers are at their peak for oil production the distilling process can be observed on site. Lavendyl has an onsite gift shop where a range of lavender essential oils and other Lavender products can be purchased.


Kaikoura's crayfish is still a local delicacy and is always available from one of the many restaurants or beach-side caravans located in the Kaikoura District.

Fyffe House

Fyffe House was built in 1860 and was one of the first European buildings built in Kaikoura. Fyffe House still stands on its whale bone piles!

Kaikoura Museum

A wealth of information on subjects ranging from early Maori settlement to recent events. Displays are varied and interesting with items such as the wheel house off the wrecked "S.S.Taiaroa", an old jail house, Maori artefacts and whaling relics.

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