Myles Woloshyn joined Spey Creek after purchasing a Houston Safari Club donation back in 2014. Life was busy and he wasn’t able to take the hunt until 2019 and boy! What a hunt. A new world record taken on the last day of his time with Spey Creek. After waiting all day for the perfect opportunity Myles managed to take his trophy right on dusk. “I want to take this opportunity to humbly express my sincere gratitude for allowing me to have the privilege of a lifetime to hunt at your incredible ranch, Spey Creek. The “World Record” is more than I could have ever imagined growing up as a child in northern Canada!!!!!

I guess good things come to those who wait......and just think it only took 5 years for me to travel to New Zealand after purchasing the hunt at the SCI Expo in The Woodlands, Texas in 2014. Thank you for being so patient with me.

I guess meeting both of you and the incredible adventure was all meant to be. I sure do miss all of you as well as the ranch. To me it’s the most beautiful place I have travelled to and given that I have been in over 50 countries nothing more needs to be said!”


Andy Miller of Angry Eagle Fishing Lodge in Alaska beat a record already held by a Spey Creek hunter for the largest red stag taken with a Muzzle Loader. Well done Andy!


A World record stag and an engagement!

Spey Creek hunter Kara Roberston not only took home a beautiful world record red stag from Spey Creek but also a large diamond! Congratulations to Kara and Mark on both occasions.


Coles Spey Story

My name is Cole Dutton and I’m in a wheelchair. This is the story of how I hunted in New Zealand with Spey Creek. The first night we went out in the Ranger. We got up to the top of a mountain and starting glassing with our guides Wyatt and Jake. We saw a lot of Fallow does then we saw a big ram on a mountainside about a mile away. When we got over there we had the choice of shooting another nice one but we decided to keep going for the big Arapawa ram. We got closer and got prone for a shot with the 7mm Best of the West rifle. I slowly squeezed and hit him in the chest 510 yards away and he immediately died. He was the biggest ram Spey Creek has ever shot by half an inch.

The second day we didn’t get anything but we spotted a stag that I really wanted. We tried to get him but it got too dark. The next morning we went to where he was. We took the Ranger as far as we could. The stag was feeding with two other stags. Then we went as far as we could with my wheelchair. Then my dad and guide rolled up hill onto a berm cause we had to stay low and I can’t crawl. I then got a shot with my single shot 308 Marlin. I cocked my gun and squeezed the trigger and down the stag went. My red stag scored about 360 SCI at 300 yards.

We went out the fourth day looking for a Chamois. We got on a couple of different Chamois but just could not get one. The last morning we went out. There was plenty of wildlife. It was too foggy to hunt Chamois so we just decided to look around. We found an 8x8 Elk in the valley and got on him with my 308 Marlin. I squeezed and heard the gun go off; he stood there a while. It seemed like eternity he was standing there. Then he fell and died. I shot him at 280 yards. He was the biggest animal Id’ ever shot and by far the widest rack I’d ever seen.

The fog lifted so we went after Chamois again. There were some guides on a mountain nearby and they radioed us and said there was a Chamois on the mountain in front of us. We found him but he got over the mountain. So we went to the other side to a spot we called Cole’s hill. We called it that because it was a little knoll where we’d had a couple of encounters with Chamois. We found him and I shot him with the 7mm Best of the West rifle. I hit him a little back and as he was running off I gave him one more shot hit again. We had to catch our flight so we left. They found him 3 days later.

I couldn’t have done it without my dad, John and Wyatt McBride and the Spey Creek Guides.


Third world record for Mark Dickson and its over 700SCI!

Spey Creek hunter Mark Dickson was able to take home two world records this year when he used a muzzle loader gun to take this fine trophy. And he also took home the largest stag in the world with his rifle – a whopping 712 7/8 SCI! with the rifle Congratulations Mark! Mark took his first world record stag from Spey Creek in 2011.


Sherry and Richard Lane joined Spey Creek for a hunt earlier this year. Both took home great trophies and Sherry’s red stag broke the World Record for a stag taken with a bow! The record is still held as of December 2019


Another Stellar Season at Spey Creek

At Spey Creek Trophy Hunting (SCTH), we pride ourselves on providing the ultimate hunting experience for each and every one of our guests, and the 2012 season definitely didn't disappoint! Every one of our hunters harvested the animals they came to shoot and MORE, and left their adventure at Spey Creek with beautiful trophies and big smiles.

In addition to the successful hunts and fantastic friendships made, the 2012 season also brought a number of new world records, including the currently pending #1 Red stag in the world, ranked at 662 SCI and taken with a bow. This is the LARGEST stag ever taken by any weapon!

"Records are meant to be broken, and that is certainly what happened this year at Spey Creek!" said owner and guide, John McBride. "This season's hunters actually broke records achieved by past Spey Creek Trophy Hunting guests. An all-round fantastic season."

Other world records claimed by SCTH hunters in the 2012 season include the No. 3 scoring stag (602 SCI) taken with a bow, and several others pending in the top ten, including one taken with a muzzle loader rifle.


Two World Records in one season!

Maddie Demaske got herself a great trophy which when taken, was the No.1 red stag in the world. Two months later another Spey Creek client, Mark Dickson managed to find a slightly larger one! Congratulations to them both.

Wesley Silcox

“Hi, I'm Wesley Silcox 2007 Bull-Riding World Champion.

Its been said that I've had a rope in my hand since the age of two, being a cowboy has just always been in my blood. Growing up on a dairy farm at a young age I learned what hard work was. My older brother and father both being bull riders you just kinda grow up in the atmosphere. I didn't really care much about bull-riding until my Junior year of high school. It all just took off from there.

It’s not your typical nine to five job, but it’s what I love and what I know. Being on the road ain't for the weak hearted. I've had a lot of sleepless nights driving from state to state to get to the next rodeo, missed a lot of family events and holidays. I've also made a lot of life-long friends and a lot of memories. Bull-riding comes with a lot of injuries and broken bones but also gives me a chance to chase and accomplish many of my life long dreams.

Young or old, every cowboy wants a chance to compete at the National Finals Rodeo. Having made it there two years before I somewhat knew what I was in for. It was the 10th round and I knew it was an all or nothing ride. I didn't find out the bull I drew, I didn't care. I knew I had to ride. Getting in the chute doing my routine of drinking my water and slapping my face I prepared just like any other ride. The moment my feet hit the ground I knew it was it. I had finally accomplished what I had always set out to do. I heard the crowd roar and the announcer said that's it folks meet your new 2007 World Champion. I remember looking up to my family and feeling proud. It was and still is one of the best moments in my career.

Making the finals another three times since that night, the fire still burns deep. It’s a feeling you can never shake riding into the Thomas and Mack the first night and seeing what you've worked so hard for all year. It’s chilling. Injuries have kept me from the NFR the last couple years but I ain't done yet.

In 2010 I married my wife Jerika. Being married to a rodeo man could never be easy, but she does a pretty good job at it. She's always there to support me and is my rock when I need it. In 2012 we welcomed a Beautiful baby girl into our lives. These two are my biggest accomplishments in life my. Being a dad is the best thing I've ever done. There's something about a little girl to really whip you in shape. When I'm home from the road, my family and I like to just hang out and be together. We buck our bulls, go boating, and do things any other family does. I like to be outside and in the mountains, hunting being another one of my passions. Thanks to Spey Creek another one of my life long dreams will soon be fulfilled as I make my way down to New Zealand and the beautiful ranch of Spey Creek to take myself a nice Red stag!

Like I have mentioned bull-riding comes with its injures. Unlike other pro athletes we don't get paid when we are sidelined with an injury. We ride hurt and beat up because we have to put food on the table or gas in the truck to make it to the next rodeo. Working with Spey Creek this year has been awesome, they have helped me be able to provide for my family when the paychecks haven't been rolling in due to injuries or a roll of bad luck. Even when things are going my way the cost of living for a man on the rode isn't cheap. Entry fees, travel and food add up quickly. Spey Creek has been there for me time and time again. They've gone from being a great sponsor to really great friends.”

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