Where is Spey Creek Trophy Hunting Ranch?

Ranch Coordinates 42 28´57 S, 173 24´09E

  • Fly from Los Angeles, San Francisco or Vancover to Auckland, New Zealand (approximately 12-hour flight)
  • Fly from Auckland to Christchurch (approximately 1-hour flight)
  • 2.5-hour drive north to Spey Creek Ranch
    + Guests picked up from and returned to Christ church
  • Passport Required

Located high in the hills above the Spey Creek Valley, the Spey Creek Trophy Hunting Ranch is situated on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand.

The trophy hunting ranch is ideally located approximately 45 minutes´ drive from Kaikoura and two hours´ drive from Christchurch International Airport.

Spey Creek Trophy Hunting Ranch Location Map

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