Spey Creek Trophy Hunting FAQ and Help

Have a look through our FAQ for answers to general questions you may have about Spey Creek Trophy Hunting, New Zealand. Most answers to your questions can be found here. If you don't find the information you need, please contact us for more.


Do you own the property?
YES! Unlike many outfitters, who tend to lease, we own the ranch!
What accommodation is available at Spey Creek?
We have a four bedroom, four bathroom lodge with large California King beds set right amongst the hunting terrain. Each room is tastefully decorated with local Kaikoura and New Zealand art as well as comfy featherbeds and featherdown duvets. If you arrive early or wish to stay over in Kaikoura after your hunt we have several different levels of accommodation we can recommend on request.
Where is the trophy hunting ranch located?
On the northeast coast of the South Island of New Zealand, approximately 45 minutes from Kaikoura. Click here to view a location map
Is a good taxidermist available?
Yes, there´s an excellent taxidermist in Christchurch.
What does it cost to ship trophy hides and horns to the U.S. from New Zealand?
Trophy preparation, documents, and packaging average around $150(US) per trophy.
Freight is additional and varies depending upon quantity of animals and destination.
What is the exchange rate?
Of course it varies, but the exchange rate of the New Zealand dollar is about $.70 to the U.S. Dollar.
Is it free range or game estate hunting?
Both are offered on the ranch. We´ll tailor the hunt to your desire.
What time of the year is the best to hunt in New Zealand?
The best hunting in New Zealand is from March through July, but you can hunt New Zealand any time of the year.
Are hunting licenses and/or fees required?
Good news! New Zealand requires no licenses, fees or limited seasons for big game hunting.
A license is required for waterfowl hunting and fishing. A one week fishing or bird license costs about $20 USD.
Is there a problem bringing a rifle into New Zealand?
Not, but you will have to register your rifle with the police online at least a month before you arrive and you´ll need to pay a $25NZD fee. We will send you all necessary paperwork well before you depart. Plan to pack only your rifle, though. Pistols are not allowed in New Zealand.
What caliber of rifle is best?
Anything between a .270 and a 300. If you would prefer using our guns to hauling your own, we offer .270 and 7mm rifles. But we do ask that you let us know ahead of your arrival so that we can reserve a rifle for you.
Is ammunition available in New Zealand?
Yes, but you´ll be happier if you bring it from the U.S. The selection isn´t as good as you´d find at home, and all ammunition is more expensive in New Zealand. For airport security reasons, be sure that your ammunition is in its original package or an ammunition container, separate from your gun. One box of shells should be plenty, but we recommend bringing two, just in case. Airlines typically limit passengers to eleven pounds of ammunition. Check with your airlines or travel agent before leaving.
What kind of weather can be expected while hunting in New Zealand?
Have you hunted the Rockies? Conditions are similar in New Zealand. The weather can range from cold to shirtsleeve warm. But we can almost promise that you´ll experience rain. Come with wet weather gear.
What gear will I need to bring?
Bring all your usual hunting/fishing gear - boots, binoculars, ammo, backpack, flashlight, camera, rain gear, etc. We´ ll provide the bedding, cooking equipment and food.
How long are the shots?
Every effort will be made to position the hunter within 150 yards or less, but be proficient at shooting up to 300 yards. We do have some long range Gunwerks and Red Desert guns that shoot out to 1200yards!
Where do I fly into, and how long is the flight to New Zealand?
You will fly into Christchurch. You will stop in Auckland to clear customs then take a short flight to Christchurch. Expect a flight of about 12 hours from LA or San Francisco to Auckland then another hour flight to Christchurch.
How far is Christchurch airport from Kaikoura and how will I get from the airport to the ranch?
We will pick you up at the Christchurch airport for the two-hour drive north to our hunting ranch in Kaikoura. Unless you choose to fly in by helicopter or hire and drive a rental car. View a South Island map here
What airlines fly to New Zealand from the U.S.?
Qantas and Air New Zealand are the two major airlines that fly to New Zealand. American Airlines are partners with Qantas, and United partners with Air New Zealand. Air New Zealand offers some really good airfares through o the year. Other airlines are looking at offering direct flights as well offer.
How much is the airfare from the U.S. to New Zealand?
Typically (if booked well in advance or on special), round-trip coach is about $1,500 per person from Los Angeles or San Francisco to New Zealand. “Tapoi Travel specializes in New Zealand and Australia travel. Contact Toni Davis at +64-21-945-822 or toni@tapoitravel.com. Tell her you are hunting with us and she’ll take great care of you!
Is New Zealand a good place to bring friend(s) or family, especially if they don´t hunt?
Yes, Kaikoura is an excellent location for any vacationer. It´s stunningly beautiful. Within an hour of the ranch, a huge variety of activities beckons any visitor. No one could possibly be bored!
Is there anything else I should know?

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