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Spey Creek Trophy Hunting With John and Neroli McBride

Come hunt with us in beautiful New Zealand! We - John and Neroli McBride - invite you to join us on our private ranch in Kaikoura, New Zealand. We are not your stereotypical guides and outfitters. We welcome you to our table each day and although you will arrive as guests, you will leave as friends!

“A native of Texas and California, I loved hunting New Zealand so much "I bought the ranch! And then I met Neroli so my fate was really sealed!”

I have been hunting since I was four years old, when much to my parents' surprise, I "snuck" the double-barrel .410 shotgun out to shoot at two ducks on Galveston Bay. My son Wyatt's been hunting since he could walk, tagging along with me and is now helping with the marketing in the USA as well as some guiding in New Zealand.

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Neroli is a ‘kiwi’ who has travelled extensively and brings true New Zealand influences to our hunt package. She’s not a bad cook either!

Guide Frank is from the north island of New Zealand (he’ll realize one day that the south really is the best island!) and has a college degree as well as extensive guiding experience, in both New Zealand and Canada.

Mackenzie is the daughter on one of our favorite clients Kevin who hunted with us many years ago. After Kevin hunted with us and got home he contacted us begging us to allow him to come back and ‘just hang out for a bit’. Now he can’t get here because his daughter Makenzie has claimed that space!

We invite you to come hunt in our special part of the world.

We love sharing our history, our land and stories as well as adventures. We love hunting, gathering and foraging and enjoy the benefits of our own Spey Creek Manuka honey. Spey Creek is committed to respectfully incorporating Maori principles and values into our business practices. The practices of Whanaungatanga (relationships and feeling a sense of belonging), Kaitiakitanga (guardianship and the connection between people and the natural world) and Manaakitanga (hospitality and the act of caring for a person’s mana).

We ask our guests to engage in the Tiaki Promise.

The Tiaki Promise is an initiative to help all our visitors (international and domestic) guard, protect and preserve New Zealand, for now and for future generations. We are all responsible for the care and protection of our beautiful country and can do this by.

Not only does Spey Creek offer a great hunting experience, but you will be enjoying it all while being hosted in a lodge that is proud of its zero waste policy and sustainable environmental practices. The lodge was built with timber milled on Spey Creek property, local contractors were utilised to build it and the lodge operates solely on alternative power sources and is not connected to the National Grid system. We encourage our guests to ‘plant a tree’ and leave only their foot prints on our land. “Uniquely Kaikoura – its in our nature!”

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